How to add favicon to blogger

Monday, December 14, 2009
Favicon, or Favourate Icon is the little icon that appears before the web address. When you visit the sites or bookmark them, these icons will make those URLs stand out. Check out your Bookmarks. It will be clear from the picture below :

You can add favicon for your blog by choosing an image of smaller size in  .ico, .gif, .jpeg or .png    formats. After choosing the image upload it to any imgag hosting service you use like photobucket, tinypic or imageshack.After uploading take the url of the image where it's hosted.

Now Browse to Layout > Edit/Html > Press Ctrl+F  and Search For <head> and paste the below code after this tag :
<link rel="shotcut icon" href="url of your icon">
Replace url of your icon with url of your image.

Recommended Favicons :

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